April 30, 2014

Warriors v Raiders

Tickets are still available for the Warriors v Raiders game on Saturday May 10 at 5.00pm.
While the Warriors got close last time, they still haven’t had a win on Eden Park. So, if you want to see history made, buy a ticket and come to Eden Park to watch the Warriors win.

Tickets are $80.00 and there are 16 seats available at the moment.
Email: sec@brfc.co.nz
Phone: 846-7241

Eden Park tours

Eden Park Trust is currently revamping its ‘Visitors to Eden Park’ programme which is a guided tour of all parts of Eden Park and is available to visitors/tourists each weekday from 2.00pm.

An important part of the revamp is to appoint some ‘senior’ people to act as tour guides. That is, people who have had a past association with the park and who have lots of memories and past experiences that would be of interest to visitors. I’m sure the many memories and experiences you have would help to “bring the park alive” for visitors.

Eden Park is hoping to build a volunteer roster of up to 12 guides, each of whom would be assigned, for instance, one tour per fortnight for a duration of approximately one to one and a half hours. The roster would be managed by Eden Park and would be completely flexible to ensure there would be minimal imposition on private time and other commitments.

Anyone willing to take part would be given all the information they need about the park and its history. They will be fully trained and will have the opportunity to accompany experienced tour guides to become completely confident before being asked to take any tours.

If you are interested, please contact the Barbarians club secretary at:
Email: sec@brfc.co.nz
Phone: 09-846-7241

QR code plaques

If you have visited the clubrooms in the past couple of weeks you may have noticed small plaques have been affixed to a few of the photos hanging in the clubrooms.

For the technically-minded, these plaques are called QR Codes.

QR stands for ‘Quick Reference’ and when read by a QR reader, provides instant access to information that is held on a website somewhere on the internet.

To read the QR code you need to have internet access and an Iphone (or Android) with an app that reads QR codes. The reader can be loaded from the app store and will enable you to access the many applications that are becoming accessible as QR codes gain popularity.

We have provided QR codes for photos of: Sir Fred Allen, Bob Scott, Kevin Skinner, Pat Walsh and Sir Brian Lochore that connect to the All Blacks website (www.allblacks.com).

We also have a code on the cabinet in box 627 that has memorabilia donated by Robert Barnes, who is the son-in-law of JA Pym, who played for England against Wales and played against the All Blacks in 1919. His family decided that having Pym’s rugby history on display in our clubrooms would be a fitting place for his cabinet and information to reside. So, if you want the full history, you can point your phone (with a QR reader turned on) at the plaque on the cabinet and you will be able to read a full history of the life of Mr Pym.

Thanks to Ken Baguley for: firstly, explaining to us what QR codes were all about and secondly, arranging for QR plaques to be attached to a selection of photos in the clubrooms.