August 21, 2015

What a great game last Saturday (well done to Steve Hansen, Richie and their team) and that finished off a very busy week for the club.
Tuesday: Ron Palenski launched his book at the clubrooms. The book is a great effort by Ron. The title Rugby – A New Zealand History sounds a little academic, but is very easy to read and a must for anyone interested in our game. On page two Ron quotes from the address that Chief Justice Wild gave to the 75th anniversary of NZ Rugby in 1967, where he explains why rugby has taken such a hold on New Zealand:
“Rugby exactly suited our climate and our soil. It matched the temperament of the New Zealander and in large measure has moulded our national character. It’s the team element which provides a spur to the weaker spirit, a curb for the selfish and discipline for all. It treats every man as an equal from whatever background he comes. There’s no yielding to status in a rugby tackle, there’s no privilege in a scrum.”
A fantastic quote – makes you want to read on.
We have a few copies to sell from the bar at the clubrooms, but you can also order a copy online by going to the Auckland University Press website–a-new-zealand-history.html
Thursday: the Auckland University Rugby Club held their long lunch with after lunch drinks in the Club.
Friday:the NZ Rugby Foundation held their annual lunch and also retired to the Barbarian Club.
And then on Saturday: we had the marvellous test match with the crowd coming alive after the try by Dane Coles and matching the atmosphere from the Cricket World Cup semifinal.

So now we can concentrate on the ITM Cup before RWC2015 and we have quite a bit on at the club over the next few weeks.

Sunday August 23: Past members’ wives lunch
Noeline Walsh has got together with Justine Barry and Laurie Skinner and they are having a get together of ladies who were once connected to or are currently connected to the Barbarians. They will be meeting for lunch in the clubrooms prior to the ITM Cup game between Auckland  and Taranaki this coming Sunday and all ladies are welcome.
Noeline’s invitation reads as follows:

Ladies Rugby Supporters Luncheon
On Sunday August 23

Some of the Baabaas’ wives thought it an opportune time to have a

Catch-up…………………. Get-together…………………. “chit-chat “
Venue: The Barbarians Lounge, Eden Park
Commencing: 11.30am until 1.30pm
Match kickoff: 2.35pm
Light luncheon: $15.00 per person
Optional game ticket: $15.00 (please pay cash at entry).
Confirmation of your attendance to assist catering
TO: Justine Barry Ph: 479-1982 EMAIL:
OR: Noeline Walsh Ph: 021-959-092 EMAIL:
OR: Laurie Skinner Ph: 836-2610

Transport SOS: If you would like to come and transport is a problem, give us a call and we will endeavour to arrange transport OR get your husband or son to bring you along and they will be able to join the pre-match atmosphere of the club!

As always: our thanks to Peter Thompson, Managing Director Barfoot & Thompson, for his continued support of the Barbarians:

Barbarian club blazers:
The process for purchasing a club blazer changed last year, so the following is for your information and action if you would like to add a Barbarian club blazer to your wardrobe.

1. The material, pocket and buttons have been purchased by the club and are held at Payne Tailors, 105 Karangahape Road, Auckland; Phone 09-379-0735 or 021-786-683. The general manager is Nasir Ali.
2. The member notifies the club ( that they wish to purchase a blazer.
3. The club will notify Payne Tailors of the member’s contact details and they will contact the member to make an appointment.
4. The club will issue an invoice to the member for $150 (incl. GST) to cover the cost of blazer material, buttons and woven pocket.
5. The member goes to Payne Tailors for a fitting.
6. Payne Tailors manufacture the blazer and advise the member when it is ready.
7. The member collects the blazer and pays Payne Tailors $240.00 + GST