October 23, 2015

What a weekend we have coming up.
We have the ITM Cup Premiership final between Auckland and Canterbury at 7.30pm on Saturday. Surely our good friends in Canterbury will roll over and let us poor Aucklanders get a bit of glory out of the season! Somehow I doubt it, but I’m looking forward to the game and seeing if the young talent in the Auckland team can withstand the pressure of playing away from home in Christchurch. Both teams can score from their own 22m, so it should be a great game.
Secondly we have the RWC semifinal at 4am on Sunday. I think everything has been said about the great game the ABs played against France. Just absolutely fantastic, but finals rugby is about winning so maybe too much to expect two in a row like that. Hopefully the ABs don’t withdraw into defensive mode and keep on the attack.

Box tickets for next year
Members will be aware that we have to buy tickets to the seats in boxes 627 and 628 from Eden Park Trust Board and that members can subscribe to tickets in those boxes for the whole rugby season.
Demand exceeds supply and if members want to be included in a ballot for available tickets for the 2016 season you need to send me an email before 5pm Wednesday November 4. Past President John Mills is in charge of the allocation process and will run a ballot on Friday November 6. Tickets for the rugby season only will cost $1200 (plus GST) per ticket and payment will need to be made from successful applicants by November 30 so we can pay Eden Park Trust Board.
The 2016 season incorporates seven Blues games, two tests and Auckland’s ITM Cup home programme.

AGM 2015
The Annual General Meeting will be held at the clubrooms on Wednesday November 25 at 6pm. An agenda will be emailed in early November but make a note of the date/time.